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    Mirna Sabbagh

    Licensed Dietitian

    Who am I?

    Hi, I am Mirna

    I am a licensed dietitian and mother of 8 year old Karim. I help make mothers lives easier through easy to follow nutrition courses.

    I make courses for parents that are easy, practical, tested and proven. Most importantly, they are based on the latest scientific evidence.

    I think it is unacceptable how confusing the nutrition world is. Even as a dietitian, I was confused on what to feed my son.

    I have done the research as an obsessed mother who wants the best for her child does, tried it, perfected it, and made it into easy to follow courses.

    I have helped parents clinically for years and have worked with nurseries and schools for nutrition education and menu development. I have also given nutrition education in pediatric conferences, trainings for hospital staff such as Al-Jalila Hospital, provided education for governmental entities and companies such as The Executive ouncil. I have been blessed to win a TImeOut Kids Award for my work with children.

    I also spread awareness in the Press about healthy living such as Gulf News, MBC, Khaleej Times, Al-Arabiya, El-AAn.

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